Monday, 7 July 2014

My mother, his Wife

Why did he call my mother his wife?
I did not understand, I could not realize
Though an anger swelled deep within me
Its meaning was lost that night
My mother's Boss took us out for dinner
And then, while we sat there
Me and my brother
Our wrists deep within the broth
The taste of food all over our cloth
She smiled and the Boss winked
Meanings unknown to me were exchanged
I saw everything but didn't understand
Why both of them left us suddenly
With all the delicious food to eat
Then as we finished eating, my mother arrived
Furtively hiding a tear aside
I didn't ask any question, I didn't understand
What was killing her deep inside
When it was time to leave
The Boss took us in his car
We drove for a while but mother bore a scar
Of silence and broken dreams
That she never expressed and I never understood
I looked at her with wonder and hoped to be home soon
Alas, it was not meant to be!
As rage struck under the full-lit moon
When the Boss told his driver
To look after his wife, my mother
Why did he call my mother his wife?
I did not understand but it was enough
To pull out from my bag the knife
And with one swift move I put it to use
That brought back my mother's voice
Now as she screamed in disbelief
The driver ran out to get relief
But I didn't panic, I didn't understand
I just had to pick the knife from the table
When I saw a tear rolling down my mother's cheek
The courtroom declared me juvenile
While others called me the devil
I just didn't understand why nobody understood
That my mother's wasn't his wife!